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2012/13 Summer
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Here is where you'll find everything you might want to download, before or during the season.

General Administration documents ...

Document Details Format Size
Registration Form Withdrawn in 2009/10. Previously required for players NOT already registered for weekend baseball within Hills. This season, that's not an available option, sorry.    
Application to coach Required for all prospective officials to apply for a position managing or coaching a Little League team EXCEPT those who are already team or rep coaches in Hills (and have therefore already signed it). Contains WWC check & Code of Conduct. 159Kb
Hills ChildSafe Policy Our general policy used in weekend baseball:- it also applies to Little League. 79Kb
LL RuleBook: Local Rules Published 4/1/11.

Green Book rule modifications: local adaptations Withdrawn in 2008/9. Rules are shown above    
The Hills LL Commissioner Duty Statement 113Kb
Draft Process How players are selected into teams using The Draft 115Kb
Guidance for Scorers Explanation of Defensive Outs for new scorers. 79K
Pitching Strategy How to get through tightly scheduled games, especially over several days back to back, or where double-headers are involved. Rev 4. 67Kb

Competition documents ...

Document Details Format Size
Result Sheet The Home team needs to fill this out each game, win or lose.

Protest Form Coaches need to submit this form as a cover sheet to other relevant material in the event that a game is protested. 73Kb
Injury Form Required in the event that a participant suffers an injury. Without it, an insurance claim is impossible. 85Kb

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