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2012/13 Summer
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Want to coach a team?

The Hills Holiday Competition is a fabulous opportunity for coaches:- one that's not on offer anywhere else in Sydney. If you currently coach a club team in our Regular Season, and want to test the waters of representative baseball without applying for a position in one of our rep teams, then this competition is the way to go.

The competition format has all of the challenges of rep baseball, but without the stress of winning at all costs. You'll have a team that's been selected by a draft process, which means that all of them will be roughly equal in talent. You'll get the opportunity of testing your game-day management without needing to put in countless hours in training.

You'll probably match wits with highly experienced coaches, some of whom have run State or National teams, but because there's no sheep-stations at risk, these guys will be more interested in helping you than beating you.

Whether you want to develop your on-field skills, or just to expand your contacts, the Hills Holiday Little League has something for everyone.

For more, contact the Commissioner, Greg Robinson by email or give him a call:-


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