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2011/12 Summer
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Here are the eligible players for January. Team allocations will be decided shortly ...

Little League

Tyrone STEWART	Kellyville
Archie PETERS	Hawkesbur
Cameron McCREDIE	Kellyville
Aaron Cook	Quakers H
Mick BROWN	Schofields
Dylan MITCHELL	Schofields
Tom FISHBURN	Rouse Hill
Riley BURTON	Quakers H
Mitchell VICKERY	Kellyville
Ethan JAMSEK	Schofields
Jorja LYBEROPOLOUS	Castle Hill
Lucas WOOD	Carlingford
Ben REETOV	Kellyville
Adam CLAPSON	Rouse Hill
Clayton CAMPBELL	Quakers H
Luke BRIAN	Hawkesbur
Connor O' SULLIVAN	Quakers H
Dylan MARTIN	Castle Hill
Alessandro RANIERI	Castle Hill
Daniel BAILEY	W Hills
William BONNICI	Castle Hill
Harrison PILKINGTON	Castle Hill
Rocky YATES	Quakers H
Jack GREY		Quakers H
Solomon MAGUIRE	Castle Hill
Jackson HAYNES	Carlingford
Riley WATSON	Quakers H
Callum DONALDSON	W Hills
Blake McCARTHY	W Hills
Lucas Mc CARTHY	W Hills
Jack PARSONS	Castle Hill
Ethan SMITH	Kellyville
Lachlan DERRETT	Hawkesbur
Yasmeens NAHAS	East Hills
Andrew MARTIN	Blacktown
Ryan FRANKS	Quakers H
Brock TONNA	Quakers H
Harrison CARSTAIRS	Hawkesbur
Samuel McGOLDRICK	Castle Hill
Brent IREDALE	Quakers H
Nicholas O'HEHIR	Castle Hill
Jack SAKAL	Quakers H
William EDWARDS	Castle Hill
Cameron IRVING	Rouse Hill
Michael DOODSON	St Marys
Dylan CLARKE	Quakers H
Seth WATSON	Castle Hill
Jonah BOWRY	Winston H
Connor LEE	Kellyville
Riley McGREGOR	Rouse Hill
Ryan GOODALL	Hawkesbury
Ekkard BUMRURGAIL	Hawkesbur
Riley MOCKFORD	Hawkesbur
Jack PAPWORTH	Hawkesbur
Ryan GOODALL	Hawkesbur
Henry PETERS	Hawkesbur
Rhys DEWICK	Macathur
Joshua SMITH	Rouse Hill
Kyle SMITH	Quakers H
Luke PASSMORE	Quakers H
Cameron COOK	Quakers H
Billy BROWN	Schofields
Blake HARTAS	Castle Hill
Scott FITZGIBBON	Quakers H
Jack FISHBURN	Rouse Hill
Jackson HILL	Schofields
Thomas LAMB	Quakers H
Marcus McDONALD	Quakers H
Stephen YUNG	Carlingford
Hiro SUZUKI	Carlingford
Aaron CHARITY	Blacktown
Edison JAMSEK	Schofields
Rohan WOOD	Carlingford
Jack DOMOR	Castle Hill
Patrick MANNING	Castle Hill
Nicholas REETOV	Kellyville
Luke CLAPSON	Rouse Hill
Isobelle ALLEY	Kellyville
Lochlan BRIAN	Hawkesbur
Eathan KEANE	Castle Hill
Eaden McLEOD	Castle Hill
Dillon REECE	Quakers H
Ben ROFE		Castle Hill
Andrew SEARLES	Castle Hill
Owen BUHLER	Baulko
Koby LACEY	Kellyville
Tyson WOODHOUSE	Penrith
Aaron  McCARTHY	Winston H
Ayden DEVER	Quakers H
Matthew AQUILINA	Blacktown
Joshua AQUILINA	Blacktown
Jordan CASTLE	Castle Hill
Jordan RIGNEY	Blacktown
Hayden ROBINSON	Kings Lang
Joseph MALKOUN	Rouse Hill
Zachariah LACROIX	Kellyville
Lachlan McCARTHY	Castle Hill
Dylan HILLYER	Macathur
Harry THOMAS	Castle Hill
Brock EYRE-NIXON	Blacktown
Dane LAWSON	Carlingford
Nick O'Hehir	Castle Hill

Gen-Z League

Logan WOODCOCK	Quakers H
Aaron NIELSON	Quakers H
Shai BORG		Quakers H
Liam CLARKE	Kellyville
Michael GIBBONS	Quakers H
Stephen BAIHN	Quakers H
Alessan MINERVINI	Kellyville
Chris PILKINGTON	Castle Hill
Chris ROFE	Castle Hill
Wade BUHLER	Baulko
Matt McCARTHY	??
Mario SALA	Blacktown
Riley SMITH	Kellyville
Tom ROBERTS	Baulko
Youssef NAHAS	Quakers H
Nathan FORSTER	Schofields
Chase CORREA	Kellyville
Shaun REED	Winston H
James ROBERTI	Kellyville
Jack WILLING	Kellyville
James BRATOVIC	Winston H
Yuki SUZUKI	Carlingford
Lachaln WADDELL	Castle Hill
Mitchell INSKIP	Hawkesbur
Abraham BOX	Oakville
Rusy HARUTA	Castle Hill





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