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2011/12 Summer
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Here are the teams as decided at the Player Draft meetings, and since updated for withdrawals and late entries. See the menu at left for the draw and results.

Why have we chosen these team names? Click here.


The Brewers


S. Wright


L. McLeod

The Players...  
Z Baran
W Brown
E Bywater
K Costa
J Domor
C Brown
L Holm
J Lambe
M Martinson
D McLeod
L Passmore
J Rix
R Varathajan

The Twins


R West


N Bryce

The Players...  
J Bryce
L Clapson
L Clark
C Cook
C Correa
R Derwick
J Edwards,
A McCarthy
C Pilkington
T Simmonds
J Wright
C Wynne
E Zirth

The Diamondbacks


G Giffin


D Thompson

The Players...  
J Alsford
A Baker
C Berhrendt
J Castle
J Fishburn
D Lawson
A Minervini,
L Nolland
K Smith
R Smith
H Thomas
M Thompson
J Willing

The Dodgers


N Leahy


M Creagh

The Players...  
N Austin Lean
O Buhler
Z Cranston
L Creagh
D Howett
S McAlister
L McCarthy
Y Nahas,
J Parker-Jones
D Reece
C Rofe
M Whitfield


The Miracle


C Campbell

The Players...  
A Burnham
C Campbell
H Craig
J Hazell
C Jones
E Keane
N Pederson
B Reetov
N Reetov
B Rofe
E Smith
M Williams

The Aces


L Gilchrist

The Players...  
H Conroy
J Haynes
K Lacey
A. Lyberopolous
H Lyberopolous
R McGregor
S McGoldrick
D McLeod
J Murray
J Silva
C Wilson
M Wilson

The Isoptopes


C Clapson

The Players...  
O Baran
A Clapson
T Fishburn
D Hempstead
J Hinwood
J Lind
P Manning
B Michels
M Murphy
T Szatmary
J Turner
S Yung

The Bandits


B Brown

The Players...  
B Birtles
B Brown
M Brown
S Fitzgibbon
H Fowler
E Jamsek
E Jamsek
J Lind
A Ranier
H Suzuki
M Vickery
B Tonna.

The Rock Cats


J Waddell
M Rofe

The Players...  
E Bumrunsgil
C Garth
B Hartas
H Jones
J Lyberopolous
B McCarthy
M McDonald
A Martin
H Pilkington
A Searles
J Smith
R Yates


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