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The 2008 Hills North team thanks our sponsors for their help in getting us to the National tournament last season

Here are the teams as decided at the Player Draft meeting, and since updated for withdrawals and late entries. See the menu at left for the draw and results.

Why have we chosen these team names? Click here.

The Miracle
Manager Raff

Coach TBA  
Exec Officer TBA  

The Players...  
Samuel Dickens
Marc Gibbons
Corey Hemmons
Cameron Hensby
Taylor Holloway
Aiden Johnston
Daniel Kenna
Jayden Laird
Ben Mawbey
Sam Ralston
Olivia Shepherd
Nathan Stringfellow
Yuki Suzuki
Mika Zammit

The Twins
Manager Darian Lindsay


Coach TBA  
Exec Officer TBA  

The Players...  
Ryan Bartolo
Thomas Buttigeig
Joel Dyer
Alister Fawcus
Jake Fuller
Jordan Lindsay
Julian Paramonov
Benjamin Rodgers
Justin Smith
Joshua Smith
Liam Tremaine
Dylan Wiggins
Liam Wilson
Dylan Wright

The Rock Cats
Manager Greg Giffin

Coach TBA  
Exec Officer TBA  

The Players...  
Kyle Bately
Connor Bennett
Rhys Edwards
Mitchell Ferris
Dean Frew
Chris Hemmer
Rhys Hopely-Wier
Mitchell Inskip
Brody Johnstone
Wade Keegan
Stephen Norman
Connor Pack
Stefan Simic
Chris Worrell

The Aces
Manager James Waddell  
Coach TBA  
Exec Officer TBA  

The Players...  
Wade Buhler
Guy Burgess
Lachlan Campbell
James Fennell
Brendan Fuller
Rudy Haruta
Patrick Holm
Marcus Loy
Adam McAlonan
Lachlan Perry
Tom Roberts
Rory Sisson
Lachlan Waddell
Jordan Wood

The Bandits
Manager Stuart

Coach Greg Clarke
Exec Officer TBA  

The Players...  
Evan Bourke
Lloyd Caletti
Joe Caletti
Lawrence Clarke
Austin Clarke
Ethan Cross
Kalvin Jones
Isaac Kemp
Jacob Klajman
James McCallum
Alan McNevin
Matthew Rofe
Alex Van Veen
Mitchell Williams

The Sidewinders
Manager Richard

Coach TBA  
Exec Officer TBA  

The Players...  
Lochie Adair
Josh Bennett
Jackson Bugdalski
Brody DeMeur
Blake Dwyer
Courtney Forbes
Josh Henness
Noah Karipa
Alicia Minervini
Alessandro Minervini
James Roberti
Michael Robinson
Matthew Ryan
Zac Thompson


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