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The Hills North team thanks our sponsors for their help in getting us to the National tournament

And it all came down to ...

A Grand Final Shootout

After three grueling days, nineteen games, two thousand pitches, more than 200 runs, multiple rain delays, ten thousand kilometres and $1,500 worth of petrol, only two teams are left standing. Well, let's say "sitting". By the end of Sunday, everyone was running on fumes.
Therefore, the Grand Final was played between Hills North and Cronulla South at the Kelso Softball Complex in Milperra, on Thursday March 27 at 6:30pm. Hills North defeated Cronulla South 4:3 in a nail-biting 2 hour, 8-inning game under lights.

Click here for the tournament wrap.

The State Championships were played at Samuel Marsden Reserve, Samuel Marsden Road, Orchards Hills (Sth Penrith) over Easter.

Click here for day-by-day news and the tournament wrap.

Click here to go to the BNSW site containing full details, including the rules.

There were 10 teams involved:- two each from Cronulla, Ryde/Hornsby and ourselves. The other five Associations have entered one each, except Cumberland, who have withdrawn.

The tournament is a double-elimination format. This means that once a team loses one game, they drop into a "Losers' Pool" and then have to fight their way past everyone else who has lost one game, in order to have a second crack at what has now become the Winners' Pool. Lose a second game at any stage, and you go home.

Teams who lose nothing will play five or six games to become the Champion. A team who loses a game will have to play at least six or seven.

Here's how you get to Samuel Marsden Reserve ...

Samuel Marsden Reserve,
Samuel Marsden Rd, Orchard Hills


And here's a picture ...


Finally, here's the documentation....

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