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The Hills North team thanks our sponsors for their help in getting us to the National tournament

Team roster changes - June 29, 2008
Good news for some - not so good for others...

Congratulations to Steven Murdooca and Ryan Bartolo, who will be joining the team going to Hong Kong. They'll replace Isaac Whatson and Dean Frew, who are both unable to compete. Thank you Isaac & Dean. We could not have got this far without you.

Youth Sports Web TV - June 23, 2008
Video coverage of the National Championships from ClubhouseGas.com in Atlanta. Click on a video below ...
The ABF Tournament Wrap - June 11, 2008
For an article on the tournament from the ABF's Ben Foster, click here.
Interview on Baseball Radio National - June 13, 2008
Greg Giffin, Manager of Hills North, was interviewed on Baseball Radio National. Your can download a podcast of the show here, or visit the Baseball Radio website here.
National Tournament Wrap - May 2008
For coverage of the National Championship Tournament, click here.
State Tournament Wrap - Easter 2008

For coverage of the State Championship Tournament, click here.

January 17th {late} - Week #1 wrap ...

Despite some drizzle today, and some heavy rain yesterday {accompanied by a truly spectacular lightning display for a while}, all three games for each team were completed. The feedback so far has been enormously positive, with lots of excited kids frothing at the mouth to get on the diamond for the next game.

Logistically, we're also doing fine. Of the nine games played, we're averaging more than 3.6 innings per game, which is much better than the 3.0 expected. Five of the nine games have gone 4 innings, and the total pitch count per game is mostly within the predicted 75-95 band.

A couple of niggling issues with the rules were identified and corrected. Apart from that, everyone involved seems to be happy with the format. It's also been nice to see the camaraderie among the team staffs, and between the teams and the umpires.

Congratulations to Greg, Phil, the Umpires, the Managers, the Coaches, the EOs, the Scorers: all the parents and most all, the PLAYERS for making this programme as good as it can be. Let's hope the goodwill and positive vibes continue for the rest of the season.

January 17th - Final draw issued.

We today decided to suspend games on Friday {January 18th} indefinitely, to give the pitchers a break. Play will resume on Saturday the 19th, with the double-headers as scheduled. See the Draw Page for full details.

January 16th - Final rulebooks issued.

Today saw the issue of final rulebooks, in both electronic and printed forms. There were a few minor changes and clarifications required after consultation with team officials, scorers and parents. The latest versions are in the Documentation Page.

January 15th - The competition kicks off.

On a sultry January day, Hills Little League arrived with a bang. We had a fairly high attendance from the players, two-man umpire crews at each game, and the diamonds were beautifully dressed by the Castle Hill ground staff. Results can be seen at our Results Page.

January 12th - Uniform problems.

Sadly, we won't be able to issue complete uniforms to every team on Tuesday. There has been a holdup in shipping from the manufacturer. We'll issue caps to each team, but the playing shirts might take another week or so. Thanks for your patience, and sorry.

January 2nd - Teams announced, provisional draw issued.

We today published team lists, announced team names, and have issued a provisional season draw. You can see the team lists by clicking here, or view and download the draw by clicking here.

December 30th - Registrations now closed.

Registrations for Little League were closed today. We now have 81 players.

We will continue to record applications for the next fortnight, but those players will be Reserves. They will be invited to play if somebody drops out.

December 29th - Player Draft completed

The Little League Player Draft was held today at Kellyville. Six teams of 13 players and two of 14 were selected. We'll be in touch with families in the next few days.

December 27th - Player Draft scheduled for this coming Saturday

The Little League Player Draft will take place at 11am on Saturday, December 29th. Players should be advised of their team and contact details for the team management early next week, by email.

December 27th - Hawkesbury & Oakville players also free

Hawkesbury & Oakville complete the subsidy sweep! All Hills players in any of our member clubs will now be able to play Little League for free.

December 27th - Wildcats, Schofields, Baulko & Carlingford to subsidise players

Rouse Hill, Schofields, Baulkham Hills and Carlingford have joined the other clubs in offering to subsidise the full $30 Little League fee for their members registered this season in weekend baseball.

December 26th - Registrations reach 75 players

Today we took our 75th registration. Six teams are now guaranteed. Rosters will be at least 12 players per team, and 12 games are also guaranteed this season.

December 22nd - Management/Coaching staff announced

We're pleased to announce the successful candidates for positions on the Little League team staff so far. Individual positions have not yet been decided, and won't be finalised until next week. Your successful candidates are:-

  • Tony Richards (Castle Hill, BNSW Director)
  • Mark Costello (Baulkham Hills, Miniball)
  • Raff Patrone (Kellyville, past Hills rep staff)
  • Peter Olson (Kellyville, Hills U/12 SJC)
  • Greg Giffin (Kellyville, Hills U/14AC)
  • Peter Whatson (Hawkesbury)
  • Phil Hemmer (Baulkham Hills: Juniors & ML, Greenway, NSW)
  • Scott Wakefield (Baulkham Hills)
December 21st - Little League Commissioner appointed

We are very pleased to announce that Greg Robinson has agreed to accept the position of Hills Little League Commissioner for this season. Greg is currently the Secretary of Kings Langley, and has previously served Hills on the Behavioural Standards Commission and as part of our Representative Team staff. He is also a native of northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati) and brings first-hand experience of US Little League operations to the job.

December 20th - Minor League competition withdrawn

Hills today announced that the post-Xmas Little League Minor League competition has been cancelled. Registrations so far make it clear that we will not have enough younger players to conduct a viable midweek competition. Players aged 10 have been given the opportunity to either withdraw or to play in the Majors.

For the purposes of compliance with our Charter, we will deem the eligible weekend competitions in season 2007/8 to be the "Minor League" component of our baseball programme.

December 17th - Umpire Co-ordinator appointed

Phil Griffiths, from Castle Hill, today agreed to accept the appointment of "Hills Little League Umpire Co-ordinator" for the 2007/8 season. Contact Phil by email here. We're very happy to have somebody of his experience and enthusiasm involved.

November 30th - Castle Hill joins in offering free Little League

Castle Hill today became the third Hills club to fully subsidise the $30 fee for its members to play Little League after Christmas.

November 30th - Warriors announce they will also subsidise LL fees

John Hook, President of Winston Hills Baseball Club, today announced that the club will pay the $30 Little League fee on behalf of all club members who register for Hills Little League this season.

November 29th - Kings Langley announces LL subsidy

Kings Langley today was the first Hills club to agree to pay the $30 LL fee for its members this season. All currently registered KL players who sign up for Hills Little League will play for free.


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